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Back To Basics For Riddick III

As was hinted on the star's Twitter feed a few weeks back (when he said location scouting was underway), Vin Diesel has been confirmed to star in and produce a third installment installment in the Chronicles of Riddick franchise.

David Twohy, who wrote and directed both (the excellent) Pitch Black and (the dire) The Chronicles of Riddick, will once again direct from his screenplay.

The good news is that the third film will allegedly be closer in tone to the first film, which was smaller, edgier and about a million times more enjoyable than the overblown, Dune-wannabe sequel. Though what do we know? In a sneak preview of our "Biggest Goddamned SF Poll In The Universe" (results coming in less than a month, folks) the sequel is currently getting more votes than the first film. Which means there are people out there who actually think Chronicles Of Riddick is one of the best three SF films ever made. Presumably they've only ever seen three SF films.