Anthony Head auctions horseshoe to save hedgehogs

Some news from our old mucker Giles from Buffy (that's Anthony Head - honestly, you're lucky if you can go a week without bumping into him when you live in Bath. I once sat outside the toilets in the Odeon waiting for my other half for two minutes, and didn't release he was sitting next to me doing the same until she came out and said, 'Did you speak to Giles?' 'Giles? Giles who?' Doh!)

Anyhow, er... Tony is currently holding a charity auction on his website. The good cause: rescue hedgehogs. Aw. We love those flea-ridden, spiky little lactose-intolerants. Tony and his partner are setting up a charity at his farm to "promote kind, respectful handling of animals", and are looking for monies to build a hedgehog unit with stainless steel cages (ooh, shiny) equipped with heating (awwww, cosy warm little hedgehogs).

The item being auctioned is a horseshoe worn by Tony's horse Otto when he appeared (ridden by Tony) in the season seven Buffy episode "Lessons". If you fancy owning this, head down to for more details.

Currently the highest bid is a measly £65. Come on people - we can do better than that. Think of those poor little hedgehogs shivering in the cold. Heartless swines. Hurry! The auction finishes on 24 November.