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1.1 Million Watch Being Human Episode Two

1.1 million tuned into the second episode of the new series of Being Human on BBC3 last night, which is a slight drop from series two opener last week. However, it remains an impressive figure for BBC3, and well above the show’s 723,000 average for last year.

Also, the episode is getting rave reviews on the SFX forum with comments like:

"Beautiful episode… Heartbreaking. Loved it." SaynaHawk

"Loved it, loved it, loved it." servelan

"That was a really good episode… The plotting was tight and well paced, the humour present but not silly or overpowering… Damn good stuff." Gareth

"Brilliant, brilliant, and once again, brilliant. My love for this series holds no bounds." Clown Asylum

"Nowhere near enough naked Mitchell though." fainiel

So you don’t just have to take our word for it that is the must-see show of the moment.