Trailer for Punisher War Zone

Due out on 6 February in the UK, here's the trailer for Frank Castle's latest guns-and-ammo adventure

"Evil has many faces... but there is only one who punishes them all," grumbles Voiceover Man. Yes, it's the return of Marvel's vigilante gun nut. It's a reboot rather than a sequel to Thomas Jane's 2004 outing, and Ray Stevenson is now in the lead role of Frank "The Punisher" Castle. He'll be waging a battle against disfigured mob boss Jigsaw (played by Dominic West).

Alternative higher res QuickTime and Windows Media Player versions are also available.

Punisher War Zone hit US screens on 5 December, where it ranked number eight at the box office, despite disappointing reviews. You'll see it in the UK on 6 February. Oh, and it also features Julie "Darla" Benz, so Buffy and Dexter fans take note.

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