Stargate Reunion

Following the news that Richard Dean Anderson (Jack O’Neill) is going to appearing in the next Stargate spin-off, we now learn that Michael Shanks (Daniel Jackson) will be guesting in the new show’s premiere too

Meanwhile, on his own blog Mallozzi goes into some detail about the state of the Atlantis and SG-1 TV movies: "Even though the SG-1 movie has been greenlit, I can assure you that plans are still in place to move forward on the Atlantis movie as well. Brad (Wright) is working on the SG-1 script while Paul (Mullie) and I hope to have a first draft of the Atlantis script by month’s end (we’re already past the halfway mark). No firm production dates for either movies, but if I was a betting man, I’d be looking at this fall. All this to say - there’s no need to get all negative. When there is a need, I’ll let you all know but, at present, we’re making progress on all fronts: SGU, SG-1, AND SGA.”

Stargate Universe, starring Robert Carlyle (yeah, we keep having to type that to remember it’s for real) is due to air in the US from this autumn.