Want a free anime DVD?

Last week we announced on our forum that the next SFX special would be about anime. Yes, the first anime special, which we released last year, proved so successful that we thought we'd do it again! We've kept a close eye on our readers' feedback and comments and taken it all into account in putting together the next one to make it even better. It's going to be a little different from a normal SFX special, too: as well as having some great features lined up, we're also going to have a news section, loads of reviews, and a letters page.

That's where you come in: we want your letters about anime. You can write about anything you want - a series you love (or hate), a comment on a review we've run in the past, or even some more feedback on the last special. It's all welcome! And as an extra added incentive, we're not only going to have a star letter prize, but we're also going to give away a free anime DVD to everyone whose letter we print!

Send your emails to leah.holmes@futurenet.co.uk and put "Anime letter" in the subject header. We'll be putting the letters page together at the beginning of next week though, so we'll give you till Monday morning to send them in!

The special is currently set to go on sale on 23 May. More details as we can release them!