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Choose your fantasy cast for the best ever live action Superman frenzy

Our Ultimate Star Trek feature went down a storm, so with the inevitability of a blockbuster spawning a sequel, we now present you with: Ultimate Superman.

It’s the same rules as last week. Below are a series of poll, where you have to decide who was the best live action version of various characters from the Supes myth. Was Lan Smith’s Elvis-loving Perry white better than cast-at-the-last-minute-when-Hugh-Laurie-dropped-out Frank Langella? Does Superman III ’s Lana outshine Smallville ’s? Could a pygmy goat play a better Lex Luther than Kevin Spacey? (Though that’s not one of the choices, we’re just badly attempting to Derren Brown you into not voting Spacey… which will probably have opposite effect now).

So, vote for your favourites, and we’ll concoct the Ultimate Live-Action Superman Cast from the winners.

(Note: we were going to have a separate “Superboy” category, but it seemed a bit odd to lump Tom Welling in with them, when Rosenbaum, Kreuk and the other Smallville characters were competing against their “grown-up” counterparts.)