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The Damned Set For Showtime

Mobsters versus demons in new TV show being adapted from a comic book by X-Men and Watchmen scripter David Hayter

X-Men and Watchmen scripter David Hayter is set to adapt the 2006 five-issue mini series comic book The Damned for US cable network Showtime as a one-hour drama series, reports Deadline .

The original comic book was set in the prohibition era, but will be modernised for TV. It centres on a man called Eddie cursed to rise from the dead again and again. Which may not sound like a curse, but there’s a twist: if someone touches Eddie when he’s dead, he’s resurrected, but they will die in his place from the same wound or cause that’s killed him. He comes into conflict with demonic mob bosses and their supernatural minions.

The comic was written by Cullen Bunn with art by Brian Hurtt, and was published by Oni Press.