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Ridley Scott To Produce Philip K Dick Adaptation For The BBC

The Blade Runner director returns to sci-fi with a four-hour adaptation of The Man In The High Castle

Ridley Scott is to produce a four-hour mini-series for the BBC based on the 1962 Philip K Dick novel The Man In The High Castle , reports Deadline .

The adaptation is being written by Howard Brenton, the British playwright who’s also written for Spooks . Way back in 1986 he also scripted the quite extraordinary dark TV thriller Dead Head . Headline Pictures is also producing the mini-series along with Electric Shepherd Productions (the production arm of Philip K Dick’s estate), and Scott’s production company Scott Free.

Set in alternate history where the Axis powers won the Second World War, the novel follows multiple characters (some of whom conduct their life according to the I Ching) as they weave their way through a series of intrigues between the victorious Japanese and Nazi factions. There’s also a story-within-the-story about a banned novel written by a mysterious author – the man in the high castle – which depicts a world where the Allies won World War II.