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Reverse Engineering The Prometheus

Prometheus is on DVD and Blu-ray now and here's a glimpse inside the spaceship design to whet your appetite [video]

Ridley Scott's return to sci-fi has been a major discussion point since it first landed in cinemas in June and if you didn't see it then, Prometheus hit shelves on DVD and Blu-ray yesterday so you can find out what everybody's talking about.

Below is the Blu-ray trailer and a short clip from the extras talking about the design of the ship.

[VAMS id="Chou3qI87E26g"]

[VAMS id="phh9T2e22eJzg"]

You can read a full review online here and a piece about the extras here. And there are two more amazing clips embedded in SFX 's next interactive iPad edition , on sale 17 October!