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Monsters Director To Make New Godzilla Movie

Brit Gareth Edwards goes from a low budget to big budget creature feature

According to Heat Vision , the film is being produced by Legendary Pictures, the company behind The Dark Knight and Inception . Warner Bros will distribute. Legendary picked up the rights to the giant, Japanese, fire-breathing lizard in March 2010, and producer Brian Rogers revealed in an interview recently that the film would be a respectful, Batman Begins -style reboot, and would feature some traditional monster-versus-monster beat-’em-up elements.

It certainly sounds a lot better than Roland Emmerich’s 1998 sex-change version, and you can only wonder what Edwards will manage to achieve with a Hollywood-sized budget after the genius he created on a shoestring with Monsters . Though, no doubt, the director is ready for derision from certain sections of the internet who (missing the whole point of the movie) moaned about the lack of monsters in Monsters . How long before someone starts calling the new Godzilla film Spot The Lizard ?