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Josh Schwartz Talks Chuck Season Three

Chuck showrunner has been talking to E! Online’s Watch With Kristin blog, and reveals tons of tantalising titbits about season three, which starts in January.

"The Buy More will always be a dysfunctional hot bed of competing, bizarre personalities. They're going to face their own challenges this year, cutbacks and potential management overthrows, a new assistant manager coming into the mix. Someone you may know from the show. Jeff actually has gotten weirder this year, if that's even possible."

"When Brandon Routh's character comes into the show, he's this mysterious hot-shot guy who's being asked to lead the team, and obviously, Casey doesn't like answering to anybody, so there will be some friction there. A lot of friction for Casey this year is going to actually come at the Buy More, where he's going to be given more responsibility—and without giving too much away, he may find the Buy More to be potentially his future."

He also reveals: "Somebody else this year is going to learn Chuck's secret. Also, Awesome (Ryan McPartlin) is going to find himself more involved on the spy side of the story, so hopefully all elements of the show feel like they're evolving and changing and growing in really new and exciting ways."