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First guests announced for BristolCon 2010

Having started last year with just a single afternoon and evening of activities, Bristol's own SF convention is back again on 6 November this year.

The literary guests already lined up to attend are Paul Cornell, Joe Abercrombie, Juliet E McKenna and Colin Harvey. Writers Stephanie Burgis, Terry Cooper and Kim Lakin-Smith will also be there, as will local Bristol artist, Simon Gurr.

It all takes place at Bristol's Ramada Hotel. Writing on his blog , Paul Cornell says, "It's a pleasure to be part of a West Country SF event... If you're from another fandom, and have wondered what the dudes who concentrate on books get up to, this is a friendly and exciting place to start."

And of course the chances are that somebody from SFX will be there, since it's right on our doorstep. Roll on 6 November. Keep up to date with Bristol announcements through the official twitter feed .