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Being Human Series 5 News

Well, okay, not so much news as confirmation of something that wasn’t made absolutely clear by the resolution to series four. And then further muddied by the BBC press release that only mentioned Hal and Tom as returning for series five, leading to some to wonder if Alex was going to be the new regular ghost character or not.

Well, she is. Kate Bracken will return full-time in the next series in 2013. Series creator Toby Whithouse confirmed it in a Q&A seasion on the show’s official blog .

In response to the question, “Will Alex be back in series five,” Whithouse confirmed, “She is our new ghost! So yes, she will!”

He also said rather cryptically that there “maybe” will not be a video prequel made for Alex for the website (as there has been for all the other regular characters), “but we could be seeing more of Alex online…”