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Attack Of The Clones #19

Well, it was actually more a case of Attack Of The Gene Splicing on this week’s The Sarah Jane Adventures

The Sarah Jane Adventures was back this week, and better than ever. It’s such a bittersweet experience seeing the show go from strength to strength – with the sorely-missed Lis Sladen looking so great, and delivering an absolutely cracking performance – when you know these are the last set of episodes we’ll ever see. At least it looks like this last series is going to be a fitting tribute. ( Catch it on iPlayer – it’s well worth it… if nothing else, Clyde seems to have become the new Xander.)

The Metalkind monster was great as well, but we couldn’t help feeling there was a familiar feel about him – was he genetic combination of Watchmen ’s Nite Owl, Shaquille O’Neal's Steel, a Necromonger from The Chronicles of Riddick and one of those stitchpunk characters from 9 ?