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Around the Internet - VR in video games and more

Another week, another roundup. This week discover Microsoft's future plans for the next step in gaming, take a look at the current state of VR in gaming, and more. Check out these articles and more by clicking on the links below.

GGS Gamer

How I got hooked on an MMO

Politics done right? It’s Video Game Democracy

Preview: Trove (Open Beta)

God is a Geek

Where next for the saints?

DoA5: Last Round looks good in 1080/60

Podcast (22/1/15) - the saints are coming

Brutal Gamer

Thrustmaster HOTAS Warthog (Hardware) Review

Windows 10 press event reveals Microsoft's plan for integrated home entertainment

Is Apple planning on building a joystick onto future iDevices?

The Average Gamer

5 Excuses People Use To Avoid Video Games

Polk n1 Surroundbar Review

Retroreflection: Super Metroid – The Perfect Video Game?

The Koalition

The Current State of VR and its Future Impact on Gaming

#TheDopeness: Mass Effect

Blackguards 2 Review - Satisfying Conquest