Full Fargo season 2 trailer goes back to the bloody '70s

Wrap up warm because it's time to head back to frozen Minnesota, with the debut for a new full-length trailer for the second series of Fargo. And judging from this new footage, the titular township seems just as off-beam as ever. Set in the '70s, the new series will follow the case that would go on to define the career of Lou Solverson, played in the first season by Keith Carradine and brought to life here by Patrick Wilson. And this being Fargo, the case is a truly bloody affair…

Check out the new trailer, below…

Jet-black humour, a string of murders and a dynamite ensemble cast… looks like the show's second season has recaptured all the elements that made the first round such a hit. Unfortunately, there's no sign of Bruce Campbell's Ronald Reagan, but you can't have everything. Co-starring Kirtsen Dunst, Bokeem Woodbine and Ted Danson, Fargo will air on FX in October.

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George Wales

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