Torchwood gets a second series

Who spin-off Torchwood has been commissioned for a second series of alien hunting, bisexual shenanigans and gratuituous use of dirty cuss words like "Splott". Hurrah!

BBC Two are obviously happy with the viewing figures they've been getting for their Wednesday night repeats, cos they've nicked it. Yep, when it comes back next year it'll be premiering on Two instead of its original home of BBC Three.

Filming will start in Cardiff in the Spring. To read the usual BBC press office blah click here .

Opinion amongst the SFX team is pretty divided when it comes to the 'Wood. Our designer Jonny Coates, for example, goes off on a rant whenever you mention it - but then he thinks Chevy Chase is a comic genius, so his judgement is suspect. Our Ian (hang on, that's me !) is probably Torchwood's biggest supporter on the team - but even I think it's had some downright duff moments and isn't as good as Doctor Who (still, what is?).

Anyhow, we're pleased it's coming back - hopefully it'll find its way a little in the second year.

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