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To the Bat-bikes!

Bikers! Fancy adding a touch of semi-psychotic nocturnal avenger to your roadwear? Your luck's in.

UD Replicas have created a limited edition, hand-crafted Dark Knight Motorcycle suit, based on Batman's wardrobe choices in last year's blockbuster. It includes a full-leather jacket, trousers, pants, gloves and boots (items that can also be ordered separately). We imagine you'll have to accessorise with your own cape.

"Batman fans recognise that nothing like this has ever been created and we've received orders from around the globe," says David Pea, owner of Universal Designs, which is producing the screen-accurate suit under licence from Warner Bros Consumer Products on behalf of DC Comics.

It's a strictly limited run of 1000 suits, and the deadline for orders is October 31. For more information, head here

Is it too much to hope that the 1000 owners will mobilise into an international strikeforce of Bat-bikers, keeping our cities safe from cowardly criminal scum?