The latest Eragon trailer is here

The earlier trailers for Eragon (an adaptation of the fantasy bestseller written by teenager Christopher Paolini) have, by necessity, been full of actors mouthing their lines and were aimed primarily at trying to set the story up for anyone who hasn’t read the book.

So you’d be forgiven for worrying that the final film would be weighed down with Jeremy Irons waffling on about the legendary dragon riders or John Malkovich making a meal of the scenery. You might even be concerned that Eragon himself, AKA newcomer Ed Speleers, doesn’t exactly set the screen on fire when he’s given his big hero moments.

Well, forget that lot for the last big trailer – the effects have been delivered and this new promo is just one big shot after another. Still, it’s not perfect – one or two of the dragon visuals look distinctly computer-generated and there’s still that nagging feeling that we’re about to see Harry Potter and The Lord of the Rings.

But go judge for yourself here and decide if you’ll be catching the film once it arrives in UK cinemas on 15 December.

Author: James White