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The Hobbit: Hugo Weaving Back As Elrond - Official

And Ian McKellen is looking forward to filming his scenes with Sylvester McCoy. This is going to be great for Six Degrees Of Separation…

Writing that Martin (Bilbo) Freeman is now on a three-month break during which he’s filming Sherlock series two, McKellen goes on to say, “He'll be back in Middle Earth after our first hiatus, during which Peter Jackson will have spare time to edit the scenes already completed. The rest of the cast remains on duty for another few weeks, working on hobbit-less sections of the film. These involve dwarves of course but also elves, with Hugo Weaving back for a stretch as Lord Elrond.”

McKellen also reveals that he wants a part in any Flight Of The Conchords film that gets made ( Conchord ’s Bret McKenzie is in The Hobbit as an Elf called Lindir, which translates as “singer”) and that, “there's another wizard in town, preparing to make his appearance as Radagast the Brown, the eccentric friend of Gandalf's, played by Sylvester McCoy who was last in Wellington in 2007, King Lear ’s Fool in the Royal Shakespeare production in which I was his nuncle, now Sylvester’s nick-name for me. This week he has been trying out his make-up and costume. At the prospect of our scenes together, Nuncle couldn't be happier.”

Doctor Who and Magneto in Middle-earth. It’s a strange old world.