Step across The Bridge to Terabithia!

Look kids! A walking tree! Wow! You’ve never seen anything like that on a cinema screen bef… Wait, what’s that? Lord of the what? Oh, right.

Still, though… a magical fantasy land that our heroes reach via a seemingly ordinary method (in this case, a rope swing). A land brimming with strange creatures and dark power! That’s new… Um… The Chronic-what-cles of Narnia? Now you’re just being picky.

All right, so The Bridge to Terabithia doesn’t exactly look like it’ll be offering a hell of a lot that’s new in a world already laden with Rings, Potters, Eragons and Narnia. But still, adapted from Katherine Paterson’s award-winning book, it should at least be a diverting trip to the flicks for the ankle-biters (the American rating even says it contains “bullying, some peril and mild language”… Well, cripes!). And it promises plenty of the spectacle we’ve come to expect from such movies.

Check out the trailer here .

Writer: James White