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Star Trek Live Stage Show

But you’ll have to go to Orlando Florida to see it… and it sounds more like an interactive ride to us

The show will take place five times a day at the Kennedy Space Centre from 11 June. It will take audiences on a 30-minute journey that “explores space-age technology by combining special effects and audience interaction.” The audience is inducted as new cadets at the Starfleet Academy and they will have to learn quickly about living, travelling and working in space.

“This show offers all the excitement, ingenuity and of course, logic, that Star Trek fans have come to expect with an added bonus of learning something along the way,” said one of the show’s producers. Yeah, and Star Trek fans have lso become used to people finding new ways to get them to part with their money.

Oddly, when this project was announced last year, the PR bumpf promised a 60-minute journey… another victim of the credit crunch or did they just realise they could fit more performances in a day (and thus make more money) if it were half the length?