SF: The next generation

Looking for something a little unconventional from SF TV? Sanctuary is a different breed of show, and frankly we’re pretty excited about it – especially now that the new-look site, including a two-minute trailer, has gone online. Made primarily for the internet(but with television-style production values), Sanctuary stars SG-1 ’s Amanda Tapping as 157-year-old monster hunter Helen Magnus. The snippets we've seen so far look rather promising (everything's filmed entirely in green screen environments), and thanks to the show having its roots on the web, we’re hoping it’ll be able to throw something a little different into the SF mix.

There’ll be an exclusive interview with series creator Damian Kindler in the next issue of SFX (on sale 11 April) but in the meantime, take a look at the Sanctuary For All
website - it's got the shiny new two-minute clip, blogs from the show’s makers, forums and more. The first webisodes are set to go live later in the year. Rest assured, we'll keep you posted...