New show casts The Hunger Games' Peeta as a basement-dwelling gamer

Josh Hutcherson, or Peeta as you might know him, is going from the deathmatch arenas of The Hunger Games to the virtual arenas of video games. The Hollywood Reporter claims that Hutcherson will star in Seth Rogen's next project, a Hulu series called Future Man.

Starring Hutcherson as Josh Futturman, Future Man is … *sigh* … about a socially inept gamer who lives in his parents' basement. Okay, so, not the most original premise so far. When Futturman beats the fictional game Cybergeddon, mysterious characters approach him and reveal the game is actually a training ground meant to turn him into a time-travelling savior of the world. Shenanigans (presumably) ensue.

When he's acting, Rogen has a tendency to play the underdog - the everyday schlub that most look down on, but who defies expectations when he gets the girl/saves the day/makes the deal. He's also an admitted geek and player of video games. So it's possible, just possible that Future Man could subvert our expectations and be a show that doesn't rely on decades-old stereotypes.

Or maybe it'll just be penis and weed jokes. I feel like the odds are 50/50 here.

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