Prepare For A DC Comics Cinema Invasion

Comic writing titans including Geoff Johns, Grant Morrison and Marv Wolfman have been hired by by Warner Bros to act as consultants and writers for its superhero line of films, according to a lengthy article in The Hollywood Reporter .

Among the most interesting facts revealed by the piece is that Flash: Rebirth and Green Lantern writer Geoff Johns is on board as a producer for a big screen version of The Flash, for which he has also provided an initial script treatment to be polished up by screenwriter Dan Mazeau. No director has been attached as yet.

Other projects under development include Adam Strange, Aquaman (would be produced by Leonardo DiCaprio’s Appian Way production company), Bizarro Superman (written by Galaxy Quest writers David Howard and Robert Gordon), a sequel to Constantine; two Green Arrow projects and Shazam with Pete (Get Smart) Segal attached to direct.

Live action, big screen DC projects already in production include The Losers, Jonah Hex and Green Lantern.