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Pirates Of The Caribbean 4 Director Speaks

“It won’t be the same old thing,” he promises

Rob Marshall, who has taken over from Gore Verbinski as director of the Pirates Of The Caribbean films with On Stranger Tides , has been speaking to Coming Soon about what we can expect from the fourth movie in the franchise: “The story takes us to some different places, which makes it nice that it’s not the same old thing. The whole opening and the first third of the film takes place in London. So we start on dry land and there is an impostor that Jack is looking for. He then escapes from the palace, gets captured by King George and there is a huge carriage chase… We set sail and that is sort of the second act. It’s a new ship, Blackbeard’s ship, the Queen Anne’s Revenge. Then Barbossa has a new ship called the Providence. The third act is this incredible jungle adventure through caves where they are looking for the Fountain of Youth.”

Marshall also reveals that Captain Barbossa (Geoffrey Rush) is now in service to the King. “His character is different in this film because he has joined a different side... which is really shady.”

Marshall also promises that there will be two specific nods to moments within the classic theme park attraction.

You can see the trailer here .