New Spider-Man 3 trailer released!

Spider Man 3 promo poster

Thursday night saw the US premiere of the new Spider-Man 3 trailer. Simultaneously broadcast on various American TV channels and released on a number of websites, the two and a half-minute trailer shows off some of the special effects being used to bring Sandman to life and reveals a few surprising new things about the plot. There's no sign of the other villain of the piece, Venom, but until the second full-length trailer hits the screen in February, this one delivers plenty for fans to get their teeth into. Here at SFX Towers, we've certainly spent all morning being transfixed by it.

Here's the Flash version of the trailer:

Alternatively, if you want to watch a High Definition version, iFilm have it in either Quicktime or Windows Media Player format here . And feel free to tell us what you think of the trailer in our forum thread !

Source: Sony Pictures Entertainment