More zombies for Charlie Brooker?

TV star/writer “wouldn’t rule out” a follow-up to Dead Set

Not content with unleashing a zombie attack on the Big Brother house in ace 2008 Channel 4 drama Dead Set , it seems that TV multi-hyphenate Charlie Brooker isn’t quite done with the undead.

“I wouldn’t rule out doing another zombie thing at some point,” he tells SFX during an interview about his upcoming Twilight Zone -ish anthology series Black Mirror . “I had a good idea for how you could do something that was a sort of follow-up with a similar theme, but not based around a reality show.”

An explanation for the causes of the Dead Set zombie invasion seems unlikely, though… “What you can keep ambiguous [in TV] I quite like,” he says. “Some people moaned that we never explained what the cause of the zombie outbreak was, but any explanation would have been shit. What’s the entertainment value? What’s so interesting about finding out the cause? Unless it’s specifically been caused by the Big Brother signal then what’s it got to do with anything?”

Black Mirror will air on Channel 4 in December. You can read more about Black Mirror in SFX 216, on sale 16 November.

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