Monday SF round-up: Star Trek, The Sarah Jane Adventures, Collectormania

Good morning! Did you enjoy the weekend? While you were relaxing, the world of SF rumbled onwards, and here are some links:

Sci-Fi Science is a fun website made by a small group of scientists dedicated to exploring the science in science fiction (via SFSignal ).

SyFyPortal reports that it will soon be possible to get Star Trek branded funeral items thanks to an official licensing deal. Funeral items?! What, like coffins and tombstones?

Don’t forget that The Sarah Jane Adventures begins next week, and ahead of that the BBC has updated the official website with new stuff to see. (SFX’s exclusive feature appears in the issue currently on sale.)

It’ll be here sooner than you think: Collectormania will be in Milton Keynes from Friday 26 October to Sunday 28 October, with guests so far expected to include George Takei, Michael Shanks and Jewel Staite. Of course, SFX will be there with a big stand and special guests.

Don’t forget that SFX regularly uploads features and interviews, too. Here are some from the last month, with additional material that didn't appear in the paper magazine, that are worth a more in-depth read:
Nathan Fillion answers your questions
The creative director of the game Haze talks about SF storytelling
Video clip about Primeval’s next series
Author Stephen Hunt blogs about getting inspiration from Jolt Cola
We quiz the director of Japanese fantasy game Eternal Sonata

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