Kickback in the New End Gallery

A new exhibition of David Lloyd's artwork, entitled "Kickback", opens tonight at the New End Gallery in Hampstead, London. Although no artwork from V for Vendetta will be on display - making this the first exhibition of Lloyd's artwork not to feature the iconic title - visitors will be able to view artwork from Lloyd's other projects, including Night Raven: House Of Cards, Aliens, Marlowe: The Pencil (the largely unseen Raymond Chandler adaptation), The Horrorist, The Territory, War Stories and Kickback. All the artwork on display will be original pieces, and all will be on sale.

The exhibition takes place between 4 and 23 December, and fans may also be interested to know that David Lloyd will be doing a signing at Orbital Comics on Charing Cross Road, London this Saturday (6 December), between 3 and 5pm.

Click here for more information on the New End gallery, and here to visit David Lloyd's official website and read more about the exhibition.