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Kells Legend Signing

Here’s one for fans of testosterone fuelled epic fantasy, Andy Remic – author of high octane ultraviolent fare such as War Machine, Biohell, Quake and Warhead - has a new book out (Kell’s Legend) and he’ll be appearing at Forbidden Planet in London on Saturday 10 October to celebrate its release. SF authors Dan Abnett and Colin Harvey will also put in an appearance that day as part of new publisher Angry Robot's UK launch.

Kell’s Legend is the first instalment in the Clockwork Vampire Chronicles. It spins the yarn of grizzled old warrior Kell, thrown back into bloody and brutal mayhem after the land of Falanor is invaded (that old chestnut) by an albino army (now we’re talking).

Andy also has a couple of videos up on his website which give us a taste of what to expect from Kell’s Legend, including a reading from the novel and a short film starring and directed by the man himself. It’s great fun, if a little disturbing, so be sure to check it out!