Get a taste of the 'jolly splatterfest' in Ash Vs. Evil Dead

The monster-bashing sequel series, Ash Vs. Evil Dead, arrives this Halloween for a ten-episode run on the Starz network, reuniting the original Evil Dead film trio of director Sam Raimi, producer Bob Tapert and star Bruce Campbell. A new featurette dubs the new show a "jolly splatterfest," which sounds just about right.

Set thirty years after the previous outing, the show will see the bumbling Ash up against hordes of Deadites once more. This time around he's less agile than the spritely thing he was back in the '80s, and ends up enlisting the help of some youngsters to fight off the frothy masses. He's also joined by a few more humans like Ruby, played by Lucy Lawless and featured in the new behind-the-scenes promo:

As expected, the promo includes a bunch of talking head segments from the main players involved, with Campbell and Tapert waxing lyrical about why they chose to return to the franchise. However, it's Lawless' description of the show that has us excited. Find out if her words hold when Ash Vs. Evil Dead premieres on October 31.

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Gem Seddon

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