George A. Romeros Empire Of The Dead comic shuffles to TV

Pioneer of zombie cinema George A. Romero is set to unleash his undead brand on the small screen as Demarest Films is developing a TV adaptation of his Marvel comic series Empire Of The Dead. Set in the same world as his previous Dead outings, Empire is a loose sequel to those events that began with 1968’s Night Of The Living Dead.

According to Variety, Romero will script the series with long-time writing partner Peter Grunwald. The duo will executive produce alongside Demarest’s Sam Engelbardt and William D. Johnson. Much like that other hugely popular zombie comic-to-TV smash The Walking Dead, the show will follow the storyline from the inked panels.

The first issue, which hit newsstands in January 2014, picks up in New York City years after a virulent plague has struck. As if the surviving citizens didn’t have enough to fret over, what with battling against tides of flesh-eaters, a race of ancient vampires turn up to salvage what’s left of the planet’s ruinous cities.

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Gem Seddon

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