The Flash gets its first female speedster in the form of Trajectory

There's a lot of speedsters racing around Central City, and one more is about to be joining the ranks for season two of The Flash. Eliza Harmon, aka Trajectory, is poised to make her debut in coming weeks played by Days Of Our Lives star Allison Paige.

TV Line reports that this latest speedy metahuman arrives in town "intent on creating maximum chaos," and her subsequent actions are pinned on the real Flash who takes it upon himself to uncover the mystery of "who is the girl under the mask — as well as what is driving her mad desire for speed and destruction."

It's safe to assume then that she'll be on the villainous side of things, perhaps even teaming up with Zoom - aka Reverse-Flash. Whether or not she'll be directly influenced by her comic book counterpart is uncertain. Her origin is rooted in the meddling ways of Lex Luthor, who enlists Harmon into his Everyman Project after she pleads with him to give her superspeed. His experimentation comes with some side effects, that make it tough for the fledgling speedster to control her powers. If Luthor were to show up, or even receive a subtle reference, that alone would cause quite a stir.

Trajectory makes her debut in episode sixteen of The Flash season two, currently airing Tuesday nights on The CW.

Images: DC

Gem Seddon

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