Dollhouse cancelled

Currently on a brief winter hiatus, the mind-bending show has been struggling in the ratings since its surprise renewal in May, hovering around the disastrously low one million mark for much of the season. Despite this, like the first season, Dollhouse proved a hit on DVR with a 50% bump in viewers which many hoped would be enough to see a full season, 22-episode, run.

Speaking out on Twitter star Fran Kranz who plays master engineer Topher Brink said: “It's hard. I'm sad. But they will air the rest and they are going to be great. Thanks for being great fans and giving us all a second season.” While Dichen Lachman (Sierra) also spoke out on the social networking site: “Keep watching guys, Fox is still showing all 13… Feel sad though. Joss told us this morning.”

This seems to confirm Variety’s report that Fox will resume airing the remaining nine episodes from the second series on 4 December as planned. The silver lining for fans with this early announcement is that the show, currently filming its 11th episode, will get an ending that will (hopefully) give some closure to Echo and the actives.

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