David Goyer To Write Man Of Steel

Can the Dark Knight scripter perform similar magic on the Superman franchise? And is this why he's left his job as showrunner on Flash Forward ?

When David Goyer announced that he was leaving his role as showrunner on the flailing Flash Forward he claimed it was because of other work commitments. If Latino Review has got its facts right then one of those commitments is pretty huge – scripting the next Superman movie. Yep, claims the article, the screenwriter who helped Christopher Nolan reboot the Dark Knight is now working on the Man Of Steel. Literally. Because that's what the movie is currently being called – The Man Of Steel . Apparently, the script is taking its inspiration from the '80s John Byrne run on the Superman comics – "Modern. Believable. FUN!" (It's worth noting that Byrne also seriously reduced Superman's powers to make him less God-like.) The story involves Luthor and Brainiac, is not an origin and involves The Daily Planet i s struggling in the battle against the internet. Remember – this is all filed under rumour at the moment… But it is the kind of gig we'd leave Flash Forward in the lurch for.

Dave Golder
Freelance Writer

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