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BLOG Scary TV please

Did you follow 2008's Apparitions, starring Martin Shaw? New blogger John Cooper did, and he's been thinking about why he loved seeing scary back on British telly:

Is it too early to call Apparitions classic telly? Probably, but all the hallmarks were there. The solid performances, everyone playing it straight, and the kind of slow atmospheric build that modern telly so often lacks the balls to do in light of those oh so important ratings. So the opening credits looked like they cost a tenner, and the mad eyes of homeless Michael eating pages from the Bible conjured up images of Sesame Street's Cookie Monster getting the munchies in a library, but the thing I loved most about it was that put scary back on prime-time telly.

This is the personal opinion of John Cooper, one of our new volunteer bloggers , who'll begin contributing regularly from later in the month. Read more about some of our contributors in the next issue of SFX, on sale Wednesday 11 March.

Meanwhile, we've heard no indication at this time that Apparitions will be coming back for a second series. But did you enjoy it while it was on? And what scary projects would you like the BBC to be working on next? Perhaps a return to Ultraviolet? Comments below...