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Battlestar Galactica Poll Closing Soon

Does Six make you go all goose pimply? Is Adama your hero? Maybe Starbuck is the one you tune in for? SFX wants to know!

Yes, were after your help again for a major feature in the next SFX Special Edition, which will be about all things Battlestar Galactica. We want to know your three favourite Battlestar Galactica characters. Simple as that – just tell us first, second and third fave characters from the show – IN ORDER, please – and feel free to comments about your choices if you want.

Just for fun, we're allowing you to nominate characters from the original series as well if you want (hey, there might be Boxy and Muffett fans out there), so voters, you must make it clear whether you’re voting for new or original series characters – otherwise if you just put Starbuck, we'll automatically give the vote to new Starbuck.

To prevent duplicate and block voting, we're only allowing votes provided by email ( or through the SFX forum on this thread – so if you’re not a member, sign up now ! It's astonishingly simple, completely free and almost instantaneous.

So, fire away... We'd love to hear from you