Your own secret base now available

Fancy having your own fully tricked out and refurbished bomb shelter to use as a private underground base? If you've got five million pounds handy, your dream could come true at last, courtesy of the 77,000 square foot Kingsway Tunnels.

Science fiction blog site io9 is reporting that some of London's deep level shelters came up for sale last week.

Built in 1940 as air-raid shelters, the Kingsway Tunnels are located 200 feet below street level and are owned by BT. They've been used as part of the communications network, but they were designed to withstand a foreign attack - now enjoying a licensed bar area and a canteen with billiards room, this could be the perfect place to plan your world takeover plan. Any rich SFX readers - please let us know if you do splash out on the complex, maybe we could come and hold our Christmas party there?