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Total Foil For Trek Covers

SFX’s sister mag Total Film is celebrating the return of Star Trek to the big screen with four exclusive, tin-foil covers (yeah okay, they just look monotone in the pics here, but we've just received our copies in the office, and they're very, very shiny).

The latest issue of Total Film goes on sale Thursday 5 March and offers readers four attention-grabbing Star Trek covers, using an innovative method of printing – never used before in the UK – pioneered in Japan. The cover is printed directly onto foil with UV-cured inks for eye-catching results (like we said: shiny).

Created with the support of Paramount Pictures, the covers feature either Kirk, Spock, Uhura or the lead villain, Nero – each split equally across the print run.

The Star Trek theme continues inside the April issue, catching up with director and creator of Lost, JJ Abrams, and the star-studded cast. Total Film also delivers its complete history of Star Trek, from the original 60s TV series, to the spin-off movies and beyond.

The April issue of Total Film with four exclusive Star Trek covers goes on sale Thursday, 5 March with a coverprice of £3.90.