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Major League Gaming nabs $10 million investment

Competitive gaming may have some way to go before attracting a mass audience, but thanks to a $10 million investment in the Major League Gaming association, it's a few million times closer to putting pro gamers on the map.

The investment was led by a private equity firm calledLegion Enterprises, which focuses onsupporting, buying and developing companies which cater to younger males aged 16-24 who fit the definition of “digital mavericks." In conjunction with MLG's primary investor, Oak Investment Partners, the $10 million bump puts MLG's total fundraising effortsto anexcess of $52 million.

"Over the last eight years we have set out to build competitive gaming into a global, cross-platform business," said Sundance DiGiovanni, MLG's CEO. "And thanks to investments from companies like Legion Enterprises and Oak Investment Partners, that vision is well on its way to becoming a reality."

Since its inception in 2002, MLG has become one of the globe's most prominent pro gaming league, facilitating world-wide tournaments and stat-tracking in partnership with itscompetitive gaming portal,GameBattles, and the online community builders atAgora Games.

Think you got the mad skillz to compete? See what life is like in thebig leagues at MLG's newly designed website.


Dec 21, 2010