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Karen Gillan will be watching...

New Who star shares her plans for Easter

The countdown ticks on for the new series of Doctor Who. And Karen Gillan - alias spunky redhead Amy Pond - knows where she'll be when her debut episode is unveiled on Saturday 3 April.

"It's Easter weekend that it's aired, so I'm probably going to spend it with my family and we'll all watch it together," she tells SFX. "Which I'm not so sure about now, come to think of it... everyone watching it! Oh God! On my mum's side I have a massive family, which takes over Inverness. So I'll spend it with them, and hopefully people will like it!"

And will she read the reviews? "I don't know! I'll probably try not to but then not be able to resist. I'll have to see how I feel at the time.

"I'm still fairly anonymous. I don't get recognised on the street all the time, and that's quite nice for the moment. I'm not sure how long that's going to last when the show airs, so I'm just enjoying life like this at the moment. But it's really nice, all the press interest. You don't often get a show where people are so interested, and I think that's great."

There's more from Karen Gillan (along with Matt Smith and Steven Moffat) in SFX 194, still on sale with its dazzling 3D Doctor Who cover.