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"Have You Seen This Nerd?"

Chuck seems determined to take the crown of shamelessly geekiest show on TV from The Big Bang Theory with the news that yet another sci-fi icon is set to guest star on the show.

This time it’s Robert Patrick, best known as the cop-version of the T-1000 in Terminator 2: Judgment Day and Agent John Doggett in the latter seasons of The X-Files. According to Entertainment Weekly’s Ausiello Files column, Patrick will be playing Colonel Keller, a mysterious figure from Casey’s past in “Chuck Versus The Tic Tac” – which promises to be a big episode for Adam Baldwin, apparently. And we'd put money (okay, maybe only Monopoly money…) on his character saying, “Have you seen this nerd?/geek?" at some point during the episode.

The show has already featured Scott Bakula, Bruce Boxleitner and Chevy Chase, and next season will see guest appearances from Brandon (Superman Returns) Routh, Kristin (Smallville) Kreuk, wrestler "Stone Cold" Steve Austin and Vinnie (X-Men 3) Jones.