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Cronenberg To Remake His Fly Remake?

This might sound like a wind-up, but the report comes from The Hollywood Reporter’s Risky Biz Blog , not normally know for journalistic Jackass tendencies – David Cronenberg will be directing a remake of his classic 1986 horror movie The Fly, which itself was a remake of a 1958 creature feature. According to the article, “The auteur will develop a reboot of the 1986 classic with Fox, the studio that released that film, directing and potentially writing the new pic.”

Seems an odd move. The Fly is pretty much a perfect horror movie, with brilliant monster make-up FX mercilessly pre-dating the real cinematic horror that is CGI. On the other hand, Cronenberg is no journeyman director, or desperate for a hit – he's broken out of the horror clique, and is now considered a director worthy of note by serious movie critics (you know, the type who can use words like "paradigm” and “alternating syntagma” in their reviews). If the rumour is true, you can only assume he has some pretty radical reinvention in mind.