Beowulf, behind-the-scenes 1

Hail Beowulf! The Grendel-grappling, dragon-slaying legend comes to DVD, HD DVD and Blu-ray next Monday and you can soak up even more of the CG-tastic, motion-captured magic in a two-disc, special director’s cut. It stars spookily realistic digital versions of actors such as Ray Winstone, Anthony Hopkins and Robin Wright Penn in a tale of Anglo-Saxon-flavoured sword and sorcery. And below we give you a taste of some of the extras you’ll find on the discs.

The Blu-ray and HD DVD discs (which are both the Director's Cut version) have an RRP of £26.99. The Director's Cut DVD is £22.99 and the vanilla theatrical cut DVD is £17.99.

There’s another Beowulf behind-the-scenes video available Here