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ULTIMATE Star Trek: The Results

You voted, we counted, here are the results: the ultimate Star Trek crew chosen by SFX readers…

These are voyages of the Starship Defiant! Yes, that’s what you demanded. Last week we asked you to vote on each Trek Captain, First Officer, helmsman, etc, and we’ve created the ultimate Trek crew from the winners in each category (though we’re not quite sure where Quark is going to fit his bar on the pokey Defiant).

And for anyone who thought it was a bit non-PC of us to put in a category called “Randomly Sexy Female” thank God we did, otherwise there would be no female crewmembers on board!

And just for fun, here’s the worst Trek crew, compiled from all the losers!

Worst Trek:

Spaceship: Enterprise NX-01
Captain: Jonathan Archer
Doctor: Katherine Pulaski
Emotional issue character: T’Pol
First Officer: Number One
Engineer: B’Elanna Torres
Helmsman: Travis Mayweather
Security Officer: Tuvok
Service Industry Alien: Mr Mott
Randomly Sexy female: Kes
Youngling: Icheb
Recurring Character: Shran