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Second Thor Movie Villain Revealed

But Paramount gets on-set photo whisked off of Latino Review site pretty sharpish [SPOILER]

Latino Review appears to have got the scoop on who one of the major villains is going to be in the Thor movie, though a photo they had on-set of him was rapaidly removed at the request of Paramount (which suggests the site is right on the money).

And that villain is… the Destroyer, an enchanted suit of armor forged by Odin and often used in the comics by Thor's arch-foe (and half-brother) Loki (who features in the movie, played by Tom Hiddleston). He first appeared in Journey Into Mystery #118 (in 1965) and was created by the legendary team of Stan Lee and Jack Kirby (who also drew the classic Thor versus The Destroyer cover to the left).

According to Latino Review, whatever was in the photo was about nine feet tall and pretty impressive.