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Ready For Red?

First clip online of the (very silly-looking) adaptation of Warren Ellis‘s comic Red . It’s a bit like New Tricks , but with more guns.

Let’s clear this up straight away – calling Red the film an adaptation of Red the comic is a bit like calling Life Of Brian an adaptation of the Bible. Warren Ellis’s comic three-issue mini-series from 2003 about a retired CIA agent who realises his old employers now want him dead was as hard-boiled as you’d expect from Ellis. The film looks more like New Tricks meets Die Hard , with lots of respected thesps of a certain age – Morgan Freeman, John Malkovich, Helen Mirren, Richard Dreyfuss – all haviung fun with very big guns. You never know… it might work (it certainly looks very silly). It’s directed by Robert ( The Time Traveler’s Wife ) Schwentke and also stars Bruce Willis, Brian Cox and Julian McMahon.