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Name The Villain In Mark Millars Supercrooks: Charity Auction

As some of you will know, whenever Mark Millar launches a new Millarworld book, he raises funds for local causes by giving people the chance to name a character in the book via a charity auction

Kick-Ass , Nemesis , Superior and The Secret Service have, between them, raised over $30,000 from generous fans bidding and winning the right to name pivotal characters in books (and thus subsequent movie adaptations). Dave Lizewski in Kick-Ass, for instance, was named after the guy who won that auction.

Now Supercrooks is offering the same opportunity. The main bad guy of the piece, an retired, legendary super-villain, is called The Bastard. But his secret identity is entirely up for grabs this week and the bidding closes on Wednesday night.

If you want to bid in the auction click here.

And click here to find details of where the money will go.